Desperately Seeking... Something?

I'm sure I read reviews a little while ago (within the last couple of years?) of a book about a girl who could pick up clairvoyant images from objects she touched -- see their past owners etc. For ages I thought it was I, Coriander but then I read I, Coriander and realised it wasn't. Was I hallucinating? Does anyone know the book I'm thinking of?

PS You know how I was wondering (below) if Nancy Drew was as good as I remembered? Well, it isn't. It's crap.


  1. It sounds like Kim Wilkin's Gina Champion series, but that's a bit obvious, so I don't think that would be it.

  2. You might be right, Steph, maybe that's it. Though I sort of thought my one was historical. Ish. Maybe. And creepy. And not a series. Am I making it easier??

  3. I was flicking through a Nancy Drew double-hander at my friend's place the other day but a quick glance through told me to leave well enough alone and not try to revisit. I loved that ol' Nancy Drew.

  4. Was it Gary Crew's The Lacemaker's Daughter?