Time On Our Hands

Alice's bedroom has had a makeover. Let's just say, the apple don't fall far from the tree.
I'm happy that all those Fifth Doctor videotapes have finally found a home.

Alice also lost a tooth yesterday. Evie left the above note for the Tooth Fairy.

"Dear Tooth Ferry, So I know you are real please wake me up! Thx. Room One. Evie TC."

Sadly, the Tooth Fairy did not oblige.

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  1. My father has emailed to tell me about a note that I wrote to the Tooth Fairy myself, quite a while ago:

    "Dear Fairys,
    Please give me back the sweet, patint, loveing Katy I was befor I turned seven.
    Love Katy
    PS Take my tooth if I am the littel girl I was be for."

    Crikey. I don't know what character transformation came over me on my 7th birthday, but apparently it was pretty drastic!