3rd May

2012 (aged 45)
Evie is home sick - her first sick day ever. She's lying on the couch watching a movie and looking at old photos of me which I dug out for her. 'Are you going to blog about me being home sick?' 'No, of course not...!'
2004 (aged 37)
Alice (2): Let's make a boat! (How will we do that?) Out of cucumbers!
2002 (aged 35)
4am Alice crying; Mikey goes to pat her back to sleep; 'Patting doesn't work,' he announces, and dumps her in our bed
2001 (aged 34)
Heard her little heart racing away. She is kicking and wriggling around all the time, quite violently now. It'll be funny if she does turn out to be Charlie after all -- we have bags of nana presents which are all pink and covered in flowers.
My darling Mikey asked me to marry him... His mum said, 'Der!'
1996 (aged 29)
YES Taylor can be the Jordy character (can I do this without utterly destroying our friendship?)
the link is that he is doing in a more accomplished fashion what Ally does - hesitate on the edge of really connecting with other people  (a tricky line to walk) AFFECTION
1993 (aged 26)
Like a spoonful of sugar slowly slowly lowered into a cup of coffee I was slowly dissolving  where he touched me
1991 (aged 24)
Saw the most divinely beautiful boy on the Brunswick St tram last night, couldn't stop staring. He stared back a bit which was gratifying.
1990 (aged 23)
A quarter to two, feeling unreasonably pleased with myself because of seeing G &S in the Evelyn and having long incoherent chatty chats and G walking me home. Far too many beers and will be sorry in the morning but I don't care. Talk about resurrecting the past...Had a really good time and REEK of smoke.
1986 (aged 19)
Love life non existent... Scandal on Wednesday night: the fiance of the girl RW has been sleeping with came banging on his door; PF called the police but no one got carted away -- the three of them stood arguing in the gutter while the entire population of college leaned out of Eggroll's window with binoculars.
1985 (aged 18)
Saw T at lunch, listened and gazed but no communication. R & M kept bloody talking to me while I wanted to absorb... Heaps of people going to Vet Ball. T dressed as Malice ie Alice plus stud leather bracelet. Never seen him look more unutterably divine. Absolute agonies!!
1981 (aged 14)
Finally got sneezes done. Spilled pepper at lunch and inhaled it. Took about two minutes, then sneezed twice abruptly. Can't understand how people took snuff. Then Fiona B rang up and put me right off schedule. Just watched "Testament of Youth" which is really excellent and leaves Mum in floods of tears every Sunday.
1978 (aged 11)
We finished "The Hobbit" and it was sad. I'm the emergency in Newcombe. Everyone's trying to teach me. We're voting to see what to name the new car. I think "Veronica."
1977 (aged 10)
Something's happened that's so rude I can hardly tell you. Martin L wrote f*** on a desk. Tracy was away. Rotten long division. I had homework. Daddy should almost be down [from PNG] Weather: Warm.
1976 (aged 9)
Went to Lisette's. Played in their swimming pool. It was good. Got a letter from Rowena.

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