How To Tell The Bulldogs Apart, Part 4

Players 16-20

16. Ryan Griffen
Another player who is due (overdue?) to reach his great potential. Looks cross-eyed to me, surely that can't help. Mid-fielder.

17. Adam Cooney
Ginger mid-fielder. Has new tattoo all over his lower leg. Unexpectedly won the Brownlow Medal in 2008. Certainly he wasn't expecting it, and his acceptance speech was quite entertaining as a result. Famously proposed to his girlfriend with a Burger Ring. This guy is all class. Bulldog fans love to yell Cooooooon when he gets his hands on the ball, which the uninitiated can confuse with booing.

18. Brennan Stack
Only played a handful of games. Don't need to worry about recognising him yet.

19. Liam Jones
Look at him! He's a baby! Hasn't played at all yet.

20. Josh Hill
Ah, Joshy, Joshy. I love Josh. He's quick and graceful and he has flair. He can very exciting to watch when he leaps up to take a mark or boots a goal that looked impossible. Okay, sometimes he looks as if he's not concentrating and he's a bit of a whippet -- definitely not a bullock -- more of a gazelle. I'm prepared to forgive his lapses because he has that indefinable something that you just can't train into players if they ain't got it. I'm sure that's a great weight off his mind.

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