How To Tell The Bulldogs Apart, Part 3

Players 11-15
(Lucky it's school holidays and I can bang this out instead of making lunches...)

11. Sam Reid
Baby burly midfielder. Was diagnosed with diabetes Type 1 last year and has become a diabetes ambassador. Brave boy.

12. Tom Williams
Tall goal-stopper. Very fragile! Handle with care! Has been the great white hope for about the last three years but keeps breaking himself so hasn't played much. Also tends to panic under pressure (hey, I would too, with all those big scary footballers coming at me).

13. Daniel GiansiracusaKnown as Gia, or to my sister-in-law, "Gira." Spunk of the club and he totally knows it. Always chosen to model the Bulldogs merchandise in the catalogue. Plays pretty well from time to time too. "Silky." Mmmm.

14. Callan Ward
Lovely boy with a shy smile. Grew up round the corner from the Whitten Oval and walked to training. Always wears one sock up and one sock down. A star in the making.

15. Ben HudsonHis beard has its own fan club. Big tall scary ruckman. Came late to football so has a sense of humour about the whole bizarre business. Gotta love the Beard!

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