20th July

2011 (aged 44)
Trying to coax Rex out of his brumation (what bearded dragons do in winter when they lose interest in living and curl up in a box). Tempted him with crickets, but all he wants to do is burrow down in the sand and sleep. I know exactly how he feels.
2010 (aged 43)
Alice to her teacher: Is 'school' from the Latin for 'boring'?
2008 (aged 41)
Evie (4): Don't squash me, I'm precious. I am the cutest, Daddy is the funniest, Mummy is the kindest and Alice is the scariest.
2007 (aged 40)
Poem by Alice
Green and pink are nice
But it's not my colour.
Purple and blue are nice
But they're not my colour.
But I can do this:
Climb doors.
I love you and you love me.
We love jumping up and down. 
2005 (aged 38)
Alice (nearly 4): What's the hell in here? I'm not comfy, with this big fat baby. This is Messyland. If you move to another house, we will come and make it into Messyland too.
2003 (aged 36)
Alice (nearly 2): More sheeps. More-more cup of tea. Daddy up up up! Come on, Daddy. Spoon, spoon, please a spoon! Naughty wall, Alice drawing naughty.
2002 (aged 35)
Alice in chair, listlessly eating baked beans; spits them out, picks them off the tray, drops them on the floor, throws the spoon, tries to grab bowl and tip it in her lap. Mummy takes the beans away. Turn around to find Alice has vomited beans and phlegm all over herself, just in time to see her do it again.
1998 (aged 31)
B is desperately unhappy... Of course I'm completely wracked with guilt and helplessness, but he won't hear of me not moving out - whether this is bluff I don't know - but it's the only thing I can think of to try to help... Also there is the awful itch to start packing and shifting, which I just can't do while he's like this. I'll go out to the living room in 5 minutes then 10 minutes after that Tays should be here to rescue me...
1996 (aged 29)
Nana died on Saturday morning. Tired, tired, drained. Bitter cold but not raining. Picking out clothes for the undertakers - her paisley dress, a petticoat, new stockings. The first time I've felt like an adult, really. And I'm so sad.
When I told WP I was going home because my grandmother was dying, he said, 'So can you come in early tomorrow?' And when I told him she'd died, he said, 'Oh. So how was your weekend apart from that?'
1995 (aged 28)
Thinking more & more about MT. Impossible not to love him - he is so sweet and neurotic and funny and bright - so like me in fact. He only likes pretty little girls though not ugly old harridans like yours truly DO NOT RISK IT KATE
1991 (aged 24)
First night in Paris and I am rigid with terror. Absolutely stark staring bonkers with fear. I've barely eaten for two days, I feel numb in the legs, upset stomach, dizzy. I have to get through this night somehow. Tomorrow I'll go out into the streets and it'll be okay, it'll be fine. I can't cope with this. I have to.
1989 (aged 22)
Talked with B about whether greenism could potentially be a much stronger and broader based opposition to capitalism than communism is or could be. B said as communism is now and I said no, whole Marxist analysis limited b/c concentrates on human relations & society & materialism whereas greenism can include the relation of humanity to the non-human. Restoring the balance?
1987 (aged 20)
This depression & silliness is obviously going to continue till I put a stop to it. I have to be strong. For my own sake.
1986 (aged 19)
Worked on essay till tea. Watched Countdown and Mary Poppins - both TV rooms full!!
1984 (aged 17)
first Latin option assignment due
1982 (aged 15)
Learn Latin again extremely well!!!
1979 (aged 12)
Arvestall Parvastell Basilinka Perethane  Kalysons Valrava Vestoram Firthana
1978 (aged 11)
I hate Geometry. Lines squares, angles, diagrams... I could go on and on. Ugh! During Handcrafts Club Carolyn said I was kind to everyone. I really appreciated that.
1977 (aged 10)
Mr Grant gave us our composition marks. I was the only one with an A! I want to be an author. Will we ever go back to New Guinea? It doesn't seem like it, does it.
1976 (aged 9)
Went to the Public Library. We did sport. We are going out for tea. The Herolds came. We played horses.

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