My Day On Two Plates

This is possibly my least favourite section of The Sunday Age's Life magazine (you know, the chicks' bit). Are the people they select for this column for real? Apparently everyone in Australia starts their day with pro-biotic organic yoghurt, topped with raw muesli and fresh fruit. So who's buying all the sugary cereals I see lining the supermarket shelves?

It's not that hard to put together an ideal (and sort of truthful) 'Day On A Plate.'

My Best Day
Breakfast: bowl of natural yoghurt, topped with a handful of toasted muesli, extra pepitas and almonds; freshly squeezed orange juice
Lunch: tuna salad with chopped tomato, spinach & rocket leaves, hard boiled egg, squares of Edam cheese and hunks of sourdough bread, with olive oil and lemon juice dressing
Afternoon snack: uneaten carrot sticks and apple filched from children's lunchboxes
Dinner: pumpkin risotto; square of dark chocolate (for the antioxidants)

My Worst Day
Breakfast: bowl of Fruity Bites, white toast with butter and peanut butter; two coffees; tea
Lunch: French toast and bacon, plus scraps left on children's plates; tea
Afternoon snack: little bag of chips; tea
Dinner: meatballs with oven chips and creamy faux-Ikea gravy; half a Krispy Kreme doughnut; two glasses cheap champagne; lolly pinched from child's party bag

Might I venture to suggest that, like most people, my typical day comprises a little from column A, a little from column B? Surely no one, even the dancers, professional athletes and personal trainers who, according to this feature, make up the bulk of the population, is perfect all the time?

The only DOAP that I could relate to this year was the one by the comedian — and I got the impression we weren't supposed to take him seriously. Come on, Sunday Age: get real!


  1. Sunday Age, get real?!! I think you are just skimming the surface, Kate. The women they feature on their covers are always achievers but they have to be good looking as well. That always gets me in a bad mood even before I open the magazine. But I always find myself reading Mia Freedman, at least one other article, the recipes, and, yes, Day on a Plate.
    Of course most of us eat good and bad things. And I reckon that is the best way to eat. Why deprive yourself of things that make you happy, as long you eat them in moderation? I would bet that most of the answers published in that column are not honest.
    I had a mint Lindt ball before dinner and part of a lamington at 10:30 last night. I enjoyed both immensely because I also ate all of my vegetables!!!

  2. You're right, it's the tip of the iceberg! I usually end up hurling the whole thing across the room...
    You go ahead and scoff those Lindt balls!!

  3. I have had a rethink. I am actually a glutton. Last night after having pizza with three other women, I kept asking "Where's the dessert menu? Where's the dessert menu?!" while the satiated others looked on in horror.