12th March

2012 (aged 45)
The hunt for high schools starts next week: information nights and open days. Which school will be right for her? Which school is she right for? And how are you supposed to tell?
2001 (aged 34)
Everybody gobsmacked by the news that K (Michael's sister) is having TWINS! So pleased that Alice will have a gang of her own and won't be totally swamped by the big boy cousins... More than halfway. 21 weeks today. The obstetrician says if I haven't stopped being sick by now then I never will. THANKS.
1998 (aged 31)
I've taken to swanning around the house in silk trousers and an embroidered jacket and have a yearning for beading and brocade - a kind of 1920s exotica.
1997 (aged 30)
D is keen for New York. He rang at 11.30 last night -- "Why are you in bed? What's wrong with you?" He was excruciatingly chirpy.
1996 (aged 29)
At moments like this - quarter to 11 after a solid couple of hours work, sun shining in and feeling motivated - I don't give a RAT'S ARSE about Sony imports - sack me, ease me out, bully me around I DON'T CARE it's not real, it doesn't matter. Only this matters, the words on the page.
1994 (aged 27)
A milestone in my brilliant career - a little one! Someone wrote to me, asking for a short story to put in their magazine - never heard of it mind you - still, they pay money!
1992 (aged 25)
Breakfast with AR. Hm... Did get a croissant which is better than not getting a croissant I guess...
1987 (aged 20)
Trammed and trained and bussed out to Monash, had lunch in the Union with F and all her crowd, A & E & S & K & Bill Shorten. Got home at 6. D in playful mood, tried to set fire to me. Told everyone's tarots.
1986 (aged 19)
Put up posters for Conservation Club in sneaky and illegal places round uni...Student Club meeting. Roped in as Play Rep. O throwing his weight around. Small fuss over whether a female could be Male Sports Rep... Dressed up as Soviet Socialist for S party... Drank Kahlua and white wine & OJ with F. C & P arrived about 10.30, went up to my room and drank Kahlua & milk with frozen milk. Suddenly F, J, E & CS arrived! Chatted to CS, think I was mistaken. Fairly sloshed by now. About to go down when A brought PH up (in Army uniform) to stop him flattening O!! Monash people left, had D&Ms with PH who then left never to be seen again... Massive D&Ms with C & P by candlelight (tres atmospherique, says P), C & P smoking like chimneys, drank two bottles of cider. G arrived with Joy Division tape then went to bed. Opened Baileys & drank 1/2 the bottle. P finally went to bed, C & I strolled around the crescent talking drunkenly. Went to bed at 3.30am.
1985 (aged 18)
Went to my first ever tutorial - Philosophy. Dead loss tute, all sat mute, in fact it was fute-ile. Formal dinner (chicken and shaving foam cheeseCake). New Pres. of USSR is Mikhail Gorbichov (Gorbachev)
1980 (aged 13)
The debate was marvellous!! We lost, but I only got one point less than Athol's third speaker (she got Best Debator). I'm so happy! It is nice to do something well!!
1978 (aged 11)
Daddy went to Hagen, but came back. I meant to wash the dolls clothes, but it was too wet. I rode and read my bike and books. I didn't do anything really today, did I?
1977 (aged 10)
I stayed in bed till half past 9.  Mummy cut down branches. I made a ship. I typed a letter to Rowena. Hilly & I had a big fight. I'm sorry.
1976 (aged 9)
It was sport. Yuk! I made lanterns. Made a book list. Tomorrow night I am staying at Mireille's.

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