Aluminium Anniversary

It's ten years today since Michael and I tied the official knot. Apparently this means today should be celebrated with a gift of tin and/or aluminium. What does that mean? Saucepans? Tin/aluminium is the traditional marker, but in the US it seems 'tin' has been upgraded to 'diamond.' Whoah! That's quite a leap. I guess ten years these days is like a hundred years in olden times... or something...

This is what I looked like on my wedding day:
NOT!!! Ha ha ha. In fact I find the whole wedding industry and all its addentant stressors quite bemusing and slightly obscene. Mikey and I got married in the registry office at the Queen Vic building, with just our parents and our 8 month old baby as witnesses. Then we had a lovely afternoon tea at a swank hotel, organised by Michael's sister. It could hardly have been more low-key. I wore a favourite dress from Jigsaw, Mum gave me some roses to hold, we didn't take many photos because Alice started to cry.

The next night was our wedding celebration. We booked out a local cafe and had a party with about fifty friends and family. It was a great night, as far as I can remember. And then we went home and life went on as before - with the baby we'd already had, in the house we'd already bought, living together as we had done for the previous four (?) years. Nothing really changed.

But I'm glad we did it. I like being able to say 'my huzzband,' in an ironic voice, even though it's not ironic at all but a simple statement of fact. Some of my friends are married, some are not. Some, I don't even know whether they are or not, and it doesn't make a scrap of difference.

But I think if people want to do it, they should be able to -- in a garden, in a church, on a boat, sky-diving, in a fancy dress or in the nude, straight or gay. It's about love, people. A ritual about love. How can there be any harm in that?

Happy anniversary, Mikey. Love you. xxxxx


  1. lovely thoughts, kate. congratulations, and hear hear!

  2. Congratulations on reaching your tenth.

    Mum has reminded me that following that afternoon tea, you left the crying baby in the care of your new 'huzzband' while you went off to celebrate the event with your girlfriends!!

    Have just reviewed the photos taken on those two days and nobody (except the baby) has changed much at all.

    May you have many more tenth anniversaries.

    Much love from Mum and Dad

  3. PS: You have married a truly lovely man. Make sure you look after him!


  4. I did go off with my girlfriends, that's true, but I did take the baby with me!

  5. Oops! Sorry!
    Amazing how distorted some memories can be!

  6. I have enjoyed reading this conversation, and I feel like a spy!
    Congratulations Kate and Mikey, those ten years have gone by very quickly. Thank you so much for being such wonderful caring friends. I greatly appreciate all of the support you have given me!