The Furthest Station

I reserved this novella at the library so long ago that the notice that it was available came as a complete surprise. I managed to sneak in The Furthest Station while I was deep in the middle of the third Elena Ferrante Neapolitan novel, as light relief (the Ferrante is quite grim). It was sheer pleasure to find myself back in Peter Grant's London, where ghosts appear on the Underground, talking foxes stalk the tunnels, and baby river gods appear in the suburbs. Much too short, though; it just whetted my appetite for the next full-length Peter Grant adventure, where hopefully some questions about those pesky foxes might be answered. The ghost/kidnapping story, while apparently resolved, also raised some troubling questions about the nature of physical reality. Unless I've missed something, which is quite possible. Aaronovitch's universe becomes more complex with each outing, so I might have lost track.

Just bloody hurry up with the next one. Please!


  1. I’m a long way behind in this series, only on the second book, but I follow him on Twitter, and most days he posts the number of words he has written that day. So, he’s working on it!

    1. Oh, that's good to know! Hopefully not too far away!

  2. I was delighted to find this, but it's too short!

  3. I agree, it could have been three times as long and I would have been happy.