Seven Seemingly Good Ideas That Turned Out To Be Not So Good In The Long Run

1) hanging toy storage from Ikea. Hopeless.

2) removing the underwire from my bra.

3) serving my family a dinner that was basically cauliflower cooked three different ways; they were not impressed.

4) going to Paris by myself.

5) buying Converse runners so I could be just like the Tenth Doctor; I hope his feet don't hurt as much as mine do.

6) getting a soft fluffy bathmat, which has never dried out completely since the day we bought it.

7) giving Evie a security blanket, which, six and a half years later, looks like this:

... is best described as a filthy rag, and sheds worse than a sheepdog.


  1. LOL! I am very much enjoying your 'Seven Things' series...jxx

  2. Well mum that is not true and Didi is NOT a filthy rag plus I love her and I hope that me and Alice's penguin E-male comes soon so please check it about 100000000000000000 times(if posable)BUT IT IS COS YOU SAY ENNYTHINGS POSABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    bye pupay!