March 29

2011 (aged 44)
Black Swan would have to be one of the most stupid, overwrought, hysterical (in every sense) films I have ever seen. Nearly as bad as Boxing Helena. Nice to spend a decadent afternoon with my husband watching it though!
They were playing Afternoon Delight over the PA at school this morning. I wonder how many of the kids know what that song is actually about...
2006 (aged 40)
Evie (very excited): I got a idea! (What is it?) I don't know!
2003 (aged 36)
Alice turns on TV; I turn it off; Alice has tanty. "More-more toast," she demands tearfully. She scribbles vigorously on piece of paper (left-handed). I relent and put on TV. Alice and Nana settle down to watch Sesame St.
I retire to the scriptorium to work on 2nd draft of 10th Power (Knot of Waters chapter). Manuscript of Waterless Sea has arrived for final copy-edit but I want to finish this chapter first.
1998 (aged 31)
If only T* hadn't said that about living together, that got all my hopes up that he might really care but he doesn't - he only said it because he doesn't want to pay so much rent. Oh this is so stupid. Why can't I just accept the situation for what it is, why this craving for romance?
1996 (aged 29)
T rang on Sunday and said are you going to S's party and I said what party & he said it starts in an hour so I went. Didn't dress very sexily - could have done better. T flirts with everyone so I'm not going to pay attention to it any more!
1995 (aged 28)
Happy for once! Ulitarra are publishing "Madeleine," had a good weekend in Sydney with D which work paid for, B Potato Head is definitely leaving in July. All I need now is a love life!
I asked T to a movie. At least I should feel as if I have options...
1993 (aged 26)
"The Scottish girls never left their washing all over the living room."
"Now, Mer," said Simone, laying down the paper. "That is just plain not true. They used to leave their washing lying around all the time."
"Well," said Mer. "Maybe once. Or twice. But their clothes were nicer anyway. The point is, the girls were absolutely perfect, and Lucy is a pain in the arse, and that's the point."
"Arrse," said Simone, rolling her tongue around it like a toffee. "Bollocks. Mudder."
 1989 (aged 22)
There's no point wishing I could write like Margaret Attwood or Margaret Drabble or Dale Spender. I have to write like me.
1987 (aged 20)
I didn't go to see Death In Venice tonight with B & S. I stayed at home to keep D company. He and B have been broken up for a week now. So what does D do? Goes to his room and listens to the radio after morosely shuffling cards and complaining about how bored he is. That's the thanks I get...
1986 (aged 19)
Double shift [at the Swagman]. Hour's break between. Fell over with tub and cut lip. Absolutely buggered. Bed at 1am.
1985 (aged 18)
Up massively early, dashed down to Common Room to meet Philosophy tutor (quite young, not very cute). S never showed. Ran to uni to meet F & F. Needless to say, F's Shaun and my Shaun are one and the same!!! S bought us coffee after Legal History lecture. Had long deep & meaningful with F, visited J & L at St Hilda's, then H at Queens (who was out), then borrowed book from the Baillieu, to Med building to try to find A's brother, then finally Naughtons. Sat around drinking and getting depressed about our lives. Met up with J, L and JR. Back to college, arranged to meet R at 6.30. Into city, shopped in Myers for a prezzie for F's parents and ran into LP. Met R & K at the station and had brandied apricot icecream. Ran for train in the dark and got home at 8.30. D & m with Mum. Chiefly about alcohol.
1981 (aged 14)
I'm leaving for camp tomorrow. I'm increasing nervous and electric with anticipation. I haven't finished packing yet...
1980 (aged 13)
Constructed a HUGE tent over the balcony and played in it with H & E. Happy are the days of childhood...
1977 (aged 10)
I hoped to go up in swimming but I don't think I will. I played Headhunters with Tracey. Very boring day today. Nice though.
1976 (aged 9)
L got a Merit Card. It rained. We learned about Pompeii and Troy. We had Toad-In-The-Hole for tea.

* T = Taylor (now my dearly beloved huzzband)


  1. kate I love this. I love how you are you at each age (and I don't even know you that well, but this makes me feel like I do!) I wish I hadn't burned all my diaries.

  2. I'll tell you what, it was a great way to waste an hour and a half this morning...!

    That is so sad that you burned your diaries. Mind you it was pretty excruciating to read some of my old ones. But it's like they were written by another person. I don't even recognise myself.

  3. Oh Kate I have not stopped laughing and sighing since flicking on the Mac and finding this! I just love it! What astounds me is how in some ways NOTHING changes.eg, 'Age 18, Sat around drinking and being depressed about our lives'. And 'Age 10, Very boring day today. Nice though'. I could have written both those entries this week...at Age 49. x Thank you!

  4. This is the best blog post I ever read in my whole life.

  5. Thank you ladies for your kind words.

    Tragically I must admit there is a whole lot more where that came from...!