Signals From Beyond

Always reassuring to find signs that someone is reading the books out there in the whirly old world (apologies to Martine Murray). A lovely review of Winter Of Grace from New Zealand, which says in part:

Winter of Grace is a realistic account of one young girl's journey of self-discovery - wrapped in the world of activism, friendship and love without being smarmy preachy.

It's well-written and takes into account (without being shy) the issues of a largely invisible section of our teenage society.

Which was exactly why I wanted to write it. My favourite bit of the review is where the reviewer's daughter (who read it first) says "I cried and cried." I love it when people cry. Especially if they're not related to me.

Also, someone has drawn an excellent portrait of Calwyn, Darrow and Samis from the Tremaris books, which inspired Alice to draw her own version. While we were discussing what Samis and the others looked like, Evie looked up from her own drawing and asked, in seeming amazement, "Did you make those stories, Mummy?" (She's heard them on audio.) "WOW! You're really clever!!"

Ahem. Thanks, Evie. She's just starting to grasp what it is I do for a crust. Alice is totally across it and often places orders for what I should write next. But I haven't made her cry yet. Hm.

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