Geelong 14.12.96 d. Western Bulldogs 12.10.82

Remember what I said about the mock? I TAKE IT ALL BACK.

Well done, Cats. You are a very, very fine football side, and if anyone but the Doggies has to win this year, I hope it's you. Congratulations, Onion ladies. I hope we'll be seeing you (again) in the preliminary final... but I'm not counting on it...


  1. I think the Doggies have more in them than they showed on the weekend. And I'd much prefer it was you than (ack) Collingwood or (blerg) St Kilda.

    But Jodie and I were doing some yelling at the TV on the weekend. Oh finals - so exciting.

  2. I was there at the ground, just next to the cheer squad, which is the closest to the front I've ever sat, and the only time I've watched a game completely surrounded by other Dogs fans. It was a little eerie how the whole section fell silent when things weren't going well and how we all moaned in unison when someone missed a goal (which was all too often in the final quarter, unfortunately). I've always subscribed to the agreed wisdom that all the supporters being mixed up together (unlike UK soccer, f'rinstance) is one of the things that Makes Our Game Great, but I could kind of see the appeal of being surrounded by people all feeling the same pain and joy simultaneously.

    (Also it meant Michael didn't get into a yelling match with anyone (except the umpires) -- he gets a bit excited sometimes.)