Who Knew Electricity Could Be So Exciting?

As part of our big renovation/extension/new room project, we had solar panels put on our roof. Now at last we've acquired the special meter that measures how much we use and how much we make (well, how much the lovely sun makes, and the panels collect).

So now we are constantly running back and forth to yell out kilowatts at each other. "10.4 in! 6.3 out!" Though we're not absolutely sure what exactly these figures are referring to -- is it the total power that the panels have generated, or is it the excess that we've put back into the grid? Is the power we consume during the sunshine hours "free," and the power we use at night pulled out of the grid? It's all very muddling. Michael says he can feel a spreadsheet coming on...

But one thing's for sure, it's made us much more aware of TURNING STUFF OFF, which can only be a good thing.

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  1. You mean, you're actually getting them to Turn Stuff Off?! I am gobsmacked, kate, that is a truly remarkable achievement. Hey, maybe I could pretend we have solar panels too and start shouting random numbers. It might scare them. It might make them Listen! and give me some kind of numerical cred. Thanks for the inspiration! jx