Oh Dear

Look what happened to my glasses! I copped a ball in the face while playing cricket with Alice and this was the result (this, and a bruise on the snoz).

In thirty-odd years of being a glasses-wearer, I've never actually broken a pair of specs before. Though in retrospect I should probably have attacked those big owlish eighties frames with a hammer.

I've had to resort to my old round wire-framed granny glasses, which make my face look strangely naked. I think I will need to invest in some new specs. The question is, what next? I borrowed some thin, pinky-purple, rectanglar frames from a friend, but they seemed too square or something. My face is too small to successfully carry off those really emphatic thick frames ("publisher glasses," ahem!). What's the next trend going to be?

Woe is me. I hate glasses shopping.

1 comment:

  1. Oh you poor little peanut! Lucky you only got a bruised snoz, cricket balls show no mercy whatsoever. My eyes are watering just at the thought. Personally I love specs shopping, it's the only part about wearing specs that i do enjoy. We shall await the big purchase... jx