Frugal February

The holidays are about to end, and the new year will begin in earnest. Time to knuckle down, time to start work. Back to the routines and disciplines* of normal life.

This year, our family** has decided to take FebFast one step further, and institute something we're calling Frugal February. After the excesses of Christmas and January (too much alcohol, too much junk food, too much money spent), it's time to pare back and simplify. We have vowed to foreswear, not only alcohol, but unnecessary expenditure. No impulse buys at the Myer sales; no midweek takeaway just because I'm feeling lazy; no buying alcohol, or chips, or new clothes, or books, or Littlest Pet Shops, or wood to build dolls-houses. Just the essentials.

Making do with, and being grateful for, what we already have. Not restlessly reaching out for the next thing, grasping for shiny bright new stuff. Being content with what we've got.

I wonder how long it'll last.

* And, hopefully, bedtimes.
** Well, actually just me and Michael. The girls think it's a terrible idea.

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