5th September

Had to think twice to remember how old I am today.
A perfect Melbourne spring day - sun shining, birds singing, flowers blooming. I'm going to sit in the window seat and watch the replay of the Bulldogs' last game for the year, which I missed on Saturday. Barry Hall, Ben Hudson and Callan Ward's last game (sob).
Here I am, 30 years old - not just practically 30, virtually 30, but really, actually 30. And it's weird.
Birthday time again - twenty five today. Feeling a bit homesick and depressed... Had a dream they were giving out prizes at school to all my friends, and I thought I might get the Clarins Prize for dramatically improved skin, but even that was for someone else... Parcel from D, which A hid until today - yay!
Malaysian dinner with C, L, B, A and D... Woken by B banging on the door, he'd locked himself out and been hassled by the police on the way to my place. Refused to give his name and address, they said he'd been loitering, and he said he wasn't, he was walking briskly, and they said, well, you're loitering now... Lay awake for hours talking and brooding and listening to the birds.
Got a soppy card from D. Just as well.
My twentieth birthday!! Woke feeling on top of the world. Much silliness from the boys as waves of "Happy Birthday" ran down the lunch table as they realised... JR gave me a superb book of Australian women's poetry which I spent all day reading except when I went to Contracts.
Home to college for lunch and told that Andrew Peacock had resigned and Howard was the new leader of the Libs. Hawke and Howard both trying not to look gleeful on TV... Over to Pol tute and told everyone what was happening... Got a birthday telegram from Dad... Walked all round uni after dark with PB, sleazing mildly.
So, I'm fifteen. It's all going too fast, I feel as if I'm being left behind... I got a leather handbag, smokehouse almonds, SHOESTRING which I began to read instantly, and The Body In Question, from Nana. Went to the MTC and saw "The Suicide."
Got a yoyo, a dear little leopard that I haven't named yet, from Hilly textas and lots of love, from Daddy a ball, a badminton set, and "Rainbow Valley." As you can imagine, I had a great time. You know, I don't feel any different. Maybe when I'm thirteen... THIRTEEN! (I doubt I'll ever feel any different)
Got a dressing-gown, an encyclopedia, a new dress, Chinese Checkers, hair clips and a T-shirt. I was sick. I went to school at lunch time and I was sick there too. The teacher, Miss Hughes, gets cross. I'm scared about tomorrow.
My birthday! From Mummy - skirt and textas. Daddy - BIG box of Lego. Hilary - a camera. Went for lunch at the Highlander.

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