Five Jobs I Quite Enjoy
1) Hanging out the washing.
2) Wrapping Christmas presents.
3) Ironing; it just takes me a while to get started...
4) Vacuuming.
5) Proof reading.

Five Jobs I Loathe
1) Shopping for Christmas presents.
2) Dusting.
3) Making school lunches.
4) Weeding the garden.
5) Cleaning gobbets of hair and slime out of the bathroom basin.

Your favourite, and least favourite, household tasks?


  1. I love sweeping and then mopping the kitchen floor. Nice and splashy.

    I loathe vacuuming. Too noisy!

    One I both hate and love - cleaning out the fridge. We are a house of leftover-leavers. Even with the best of intentions we often have furry lentils and slimy tofu pushed right to the back and on the day I don the rubber gloves and my most determined expression it's a mixture of disgust and fascination!

  2. Oh, I don't like mopping! I'm not sure why. I think I shy away from the tasks that require more than one piece of special equipment. Hm.

    Cleaning out the fridge is one of those jobs that I enjoy when it's over!