Fifteen Minutes, Two Points and Heartbreak

The lovely Steph has interviewed me here. I love being interviewed but I find it very hard to say what my favourite books are; there are so many. I need a whole library. It was fun thinking up a superhero though. My team was actually banned from one particular trivia competition because we were just too good (that's our story anyway.)

In other news, my boys had a heartbreaking near-win on Friday night, against Geelong (who are the best team in the competition, so far unbeaten, and were themselves cruelly robbed of the premiership last year). Captain Brad Johnson had a shot at goal after the siren which would have stolen the game; the kick went wide and we ended up losing by two points. Michael and I were watching on TV and we'd jumped up when Johnno got hold of the ball; for one ecstatic moment we were sure he'd kicked a goal to pinch the win, but then we realised he'd missed and the world came crashing down. Ah footy.

It was interesting that the victory song in the Geelong rooms was the most half-hearted rendition I've ever heard. Mick Molloy later described it as "a devastating two point win" which is how it must have felt for the Cats. And poor Johnno looked in agony. Michael couldn't sleep for hours, god knows how Johnson must have tortured himself all night. Of course it's nonsense to say that one kick can win or lose a game, but boy it must feel like it sometimes.

Next weekend we're taking the whole family to Canberra to watch them play the Swans, so let's hope for a victory to soothe the pain.

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