1) Ridiculous Footy Comment of the Week

"The players do add value to the game."
Er, yes. Hard to argue with that one. It would be rather dull if we turned up every week to watch a ball sitting in the middle of the ground and a few umpires twiddling their thumbs, wouldn't it?
(From "Footy Confidential," Ch 9, 25/5/09)

2) Perils Of Writing

This week I went op-shopping with Penni (we're allowed some time off, aren't we? We have to slip free from those shackles and emerge from the Writers' Dungeon occasionally.)

As we wandered the aisles of my local super-savers, I found myself drawn to all kinds of odd garments, things I'd never normally try on. I ended up with a great haul - a long purple velvet skirt, two gorgeous velvet jackets, a soft dull green top. It was only after I'd bought them that Penni said, "You do realise all those clothes belong to India?"

India is "my" character in the book we're co-writing. She's a tarot-reading, goth-y, hippy chick who drips with velvet, scarves and silver jewellery. I had been channelling India the whole time we were shopping, and I now have half her wardrobe. Gulp.

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