Happy Sad

Big sobs in our living-room last night as the delectable David Tennant signed off as the tenth Doctor Who. Despite my lifelong loyalty to Tom Baker (no 4) and Peter Davison (no 5), DT takes out my award as Best Doctor Ever. The perfect blend of intense, funny and drop dead gorgeous, he's going to be a hard act to follow. Good luck, Matt Smith - you're going to need it. Though I have to say, I'm slightly disturbed that the Doctor is now being played by an actor who was born a couple of years after I started watching the show... But hey, that's the paradox of time travel, isn't it?

And also much happy this weekend when Penni and I visited The Younger Sun bookshop in Yarraville to talk about Dear Swoosie (and sundry other topics). We got the girls to guess which of us wrote India and which wrote Poppy (they got it right). The cupcakes were delicious, the girls were delightful, and Kate was very welcoming. It was so lovely to meet a bunch of keen readers who were so enthusiastic about sharing their love -- not just for our books (though, hey, that was nice, too!) Thanks for having us!


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  2. oh dear i think you have a spammy commenter.

    but anyway -

    respected sir (bahaha),
    thank you for coming to bookclub! we had such a great time, and the girls actually stayed on topic a lot more that usual (if you can believe it). it was wonderful to meet the real swoosies. kate xx

  3. Kate, even I was sad! I loved him but then I thought that the previous Doctor Who was irreplaceable.
    By the way, I have tagged you on my blog. I would love it if you could play along, no pressure at all though if you can't. Love S