'I'm Bored' Sundays

I couldn't blog yesterday because it was Computer-Free Sunday.

A few months ago we decided to institute one internet-free day a week, because Evie was so addicted to the computer. We were hoping that she would find alternate sources of entertainment, but instead we have signed ourselves up for a day of whingeing and moaning and 'I'm boooored!' But still we persist...

What we're slowly starting to realise is that the day passes much more pleasantly if we organise some kind of family activity. Yesterday we walked up to the Preston Oval and watched Williamstown (the Bulldogs affiliate) take on the Northern Bullants. And the kids whinged and moaned and said, 'I'm booored!' but eventually they wandered away and began collecting acorns, playing squirrels and climbing trees. After half time, they discovered a fenced off playground, and spent a fruitful twenty minutes trying to make a rope to abseil down into it. Finally they gained access by squeezing between the locked gates (Evie's head nearly got stuck - reminded me of the day she was born) and they played there happily until the very end of the game, even though the wind was biting cold and it was almost dark.

Maybe one day we'll make it all the way to Screen-Free Sunday and ban the TV as well... maybe.

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