I Knew It...

Someone had to have thought of this before I did!

I actually heard her speaking on late night radio - unfortunately I missed most of the discussion because I fell asleep almost instantly... Damn bedtime radio, this always happens. I always try to stay awake for Sunday Nights with John Cleary which is invariably fascinating, but no matter how hard I try, I always drop off.

Anyway, I'm glad someone is doing it. I've been a bit slack with the eliminations lately. Although today, Alice was looking for a four leaf clover which she claims to given me once upon a time, and rifling through the top drawer beside the bed, which is stuffed with home made birthday cards, little notes and gifts the girls have given me. Like "dolls" made out of scraps of rag. Bracelets of wire and plastic beading. Random stones. And I have to confess, after they'd gone to school... I did... eliminate... some of them.

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