Party Observations

Last weekend I went to a 21st birthday party. It was the first 21st birthday party I've been to since I was...um, 21.

Some things I noticed:

1) The music was very loud. So loud that conversation was rendered almost impossible. (But only people over 21 are interested in talking, right?)

2) Frocks at the moment are extremely short. Almost not even frocks, actually. More like a bandage that barely covers the midriff. Or the chest.

3) Shoes at the moment are kinda horribly ugly. "Nude" (ie white-people flesh colour), chunky, with thick straps around the ankle. This left a lot of LEG exposed between the microscopic frock and the hideous shoes. Possibly too much leg. I genuinely thought that the aunties, and even the grandmas, looked a lot more attractive than the lassies did.

4) Girls make a lot more effort in dressing up than boys do (I think this has been true forever, though)

5) The music was from the 80s - long before most of the guests were born! I have a theory about this -- was that the last era when music could be a truly popular experience, before the consumption of music became a private, fragmented, i-pod thing to do? The last time it was possible for everyone recognise the same songs, and could dance to them? (You can't really dance to Nirvana.)

Anyway, even if I have become a grumpy old lady, I still had fun.

PS Two nice reviews of Crow Country here and here. Thank you, lovely ladies!

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  1. I remember my own 21st party, which was actually rather nice. I invited ten friends and relatives and said they were free to bring others. Forty people turned up, overflowing our tiny living-toom into the hallway. One even brought this guy she met on the beach, who turned out to be an old schoolmate of mine! I never did have any of my own birthday cake. ;-)

    PS Glad you liked the review. Last time I looked there were already 11 pageviews and hopefully there will be plenty more. It's hard to tell who stumbled on it by accident and who was interested if no one is commenting! [g]