The Slap (And Its Unexpected Consequence)

If anyone had told me twenty years ago that I, writer and book addict, would marry a man who is not a reader, I would have laughed in their face. And yet so it has come to pass.

But perhaps I'm being unfair. My husband is an avid reader of the newspaper, he reads in the bath every night, he has an Arts degree, and a whole bookshelf devoted to his Particular Interest. It would be more accurate to say that he doesn't read fiction (unless it's about his Particular Interest. Or written by his wife.)

Well, a strange and wonderful thing has happened. Like everyone else in Melbourne, we watched the first episode of The Slap on the ABC this week. And lo, my husband enjoyed it so much that he took down the book from the shelf and began to read it. He's now up to Chapter 3, with no signs of flagging. He says it's "really, really good." Last night he kept the light on so he could read, long after I'd shut my eyes - a complete role reversal.

Will The Slap turn my husband into a Reader of Novels? We shall see. But thanks, Christos!


  1. Hehe, my partner is much the same (right down to the WWI nerdiness), but he'll take speculative fiction over the newspaper. We didn't watch The Slap - the preview ads showed too much "people talking about their _feelings_ and not _doing_ anything" for him to give it a go. Sigh, I guess it'll be out on DVD by Christmas...

  2. What, the sex and drugs couldn't sell it to him? :-)