31st May

2012 (aged 45)
Evie panicking about her birthday party. 'What if no one can come? What if everything goes wrong?' Mikey and I tried to reassure her, but honestly, with us as parents, what hope has she got?
1998 (aged 31)
Glasgow. Walked into town and saw 'Sliding Doors.' C studied for her vivas.
1996 (aged 29)
C & B having coffee; each blathering about her own problems and not listening to the other; periodically B pats C's hand and says, 'Darling, you're so beautiful' to disguise the fact that she hasn't heard a word C has said for the last five minutes.
B: (talking about K & L) It's so hard having two people in love with you...
C: (as a single and alone person) It'd be nice to have just one person in love with you... (meaning, even one)
B: (deep sigh) Yes! (meaning, yes, having 2 is so difficult & not seeing C's point at all...)
1991 (aged 24)
Second last day at work. I've been there three years and only the phone sales people know what I'm really like - cynical, swearing, running around, making sarcastic witty remarks, being emphatic. To everyone else I'm a little meek person, too shy to speak.
1986 (aged 19)
Ginned around. C rang, bored witless so asked her up for tea and the night. Experimented with liqueurs, played with the computer (ie drew pictures of The Man). Talked in bed until 1 am (mostly about The Man).
1985 (aged 18)
Last day before winter - drab and drizzling. Worked a bit in Nana's room, sat and brooded. Nana came to stay. Depressed over T moving out of college - how will I survive without the Threesome brightening up the place?
1981 (aged 14)
Tomorrow will be winter. Rehearsed by staying in bed all day.
1978 (aged 11)
We wrote things about feelings. I did loneliness. I think I got the feeling. We had Art. Mummy brought us to the library and I borrowed three books. I read them and watched T.V. Weather: chilly.
1977 (aged 10)
Scripture was fun. The news said it was the coldest day in 80 years! And it snowed quite near here! I wish it would snow here. Tomorrow's my PLC interview. I miss Eva, and maybe I won't ever see her again. Weather: FREEZING
1976 (aged 9)
I was sick in the morning and came in late. It really POURED. Went to the Public and School Library. Zarah came, for five minutes.

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