He's Ba-ack! (did he ever go away?) **UPDATED**

Harry Potter is undergoing something of a resurgence in our house. Years ago, I read the whole series to Alice (boy, is that a read-aloud marathon or what? Where's my medal?) But now, on the back of her huge crush on Stephen Fry, she has immersed herself in HIS audio versions. Admittedly, he probably does do better voices than I do. Possibly. Whatever. She's running home from school to lock herself in her room and listen to the next chapter.

Meanwhile, the craze has infected Evie too. She's pulling out and re-watching the DVDs which have been languishing at the bottom of the drawer, and re-enacting the events with a cast of Littlest Pet Shop animals, with the LPS vet clinic or whatever it is doubling as Hogwarts.
Students at Hogwarts?

And Alice has found a new way to tease her sister. After learning that in an ideal world, Evie would choose Tonks and Sirius to be her parents (thanks for that, Evie), Alice has taken to following her around the house chanting, 'Sirius DIES! Tonks DIES! Lupin DIES!'

Evie just blocks her ears and shouts back, 'I KNOW, I KNOW!'

At least with Evie, her enthusiasm has taken the form of actually re-reading the books. Yay.

Alice has declared her intention of reading Philosopher's Stone. Since Evie is already reading it and refused to give it up, and I can't ignore any expressed desire to actually read on Alice's part, I had to go out and grab another copy (2nd hand). So now we have tandem Harry Potter reading, to go along with the stereo audiobooks issuing from their respective rooms at bedtime... I just hope I don't have to duplicate the entire series...

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  1. Which is precisely why I adore Harry Potter. The series is so completely absorbing and kids respond with their entire beings. JK, you work here is done. xx