Words In Deep Blue

I bought this book so long ago, my copy doesn't have the award stickers all over it. I've been hanging onto it because I knew we were going to read it for the Convent book group, which means I have arrived very late to the loving-Words-in-Deep-Blue party, but it was worth the wait.

I just love Cath Crowley's writing. When I read her books, I get writing envy. She writes the kind of YA I want to read -- gentle, funny, searing, sorrowful, filled with sweet, witty dialogue and characters you wish you were friends with (or that you wish your kids would hang out with!) Words in Deep Blue has the added bonus of being set in and around the second hand bookshop of dreams -- with a reading garden and a Letter Library where people leave heartfelt notes between the pages of the books they love best. This novel is a love letter itself, a love letter to books and reading, to the power of words to heal and transform.

What a beautiful book. I loved it.


  1. I have it in ebook and have made a start, I'm about a third way through, but I suspect I may need the gentleness/sweetness of a Cath Crowley novel to finish up my CBCA read this year. I've just finished another of the books, which was good, but had a bit too depressing an ending for my taste. Well written, but I won't be reading it again. Oh, yes, I need my Cath Crowley fix!

  2. Words in Deep Blue is very sad in parts, I should warn you -- but it's a poignant, rather than a harrowing kind of sadness.

  3. I read that first line as "awkward stickers" and thought - yes! so awkward, covering up the cover art. I loved this book; I hold it close to my heart.

  4. Isn't it gorgeous, Kate? A real keeper.