The Midnight Library


Matt Haig's novel, The Midnight Library, had an absolutely ridiculous reserve queue at the library -- I think I was about number 18 when I put my name down. But I can absolutely understand why it's been so popular, and it's a terrific, engaging and uplifting read.

When Nora decides that life is no longer worth living (yes, it's a miserable start, but persist) she finds herself in a mysterious library, rather like Harry Potter's King's Cross station between life and death -- except that this limbo takes the form of a library, filled with volumes that represent every life she might have led rather than the one she ended up with. What follows is a lot of fun, and poignant moments, as Nora tries on one life after another and reconsiders every life choice she's made. Some lives are bold, some are tragic, some are beautiful and fulfilling, and of course Nora ends up realising that life is worth living after all, after a nice swerve to avoid one neat and too easy solution.

This book is going on my list of novels I think my mother-in-law will enjoy, unless she's already read it, which is a distinct possibility.

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