Cicada Summer

Did I mention I have another new book coming out, in May? Two books in one year! I'm quite impressed with myself, just quietly. Isn't this cover utterly beautiful?

And even better, it's just received its first review, from Bookseller & Publisher, who very kindly gave it four whole stars. This is what Liz Riley had to say:
Two years ago Eloise’s mother died in a car accident
and over time, sadness has taken Eloise’s voice.
She has ‘gone quiet’. Her father, preoccupied with
grandiose schemes that allow him to run from his
own grief, ignores what is happening with her. When
his latest scheme brings them back to his childhood
home, his mother is none too happy to have Eloise
foisted upon her for the summer. In this sad remnant
of a family, everyone has been damaged and none
of them are able to properly care for each other.
But then Eloise meets Anna, the girl from another
time, the girl from the summerhouse and slowly
and silently, things begin to change. In Anna’s secret
world, Eloise has the peace and safety she needs in
order to heal. Anna and the light-drenched world
of her garden give Eloise a vision of what could be,
bringing back her voice as she pulls her family into a
new and brighter future. This is a quiet, internal sort
of book about a quiet girl and her internal journey.
And in its silent way, it is about the big ideas in
life—grief and hope, courage and strength.

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