Season Of Mists and Mellow Footballness

According to my wonderful Aboriginal calendar, we are now in early winter. It's cool, still and misty, and birds are heading north for warmth. Oddly enough, for a calendar centred on the Melbourne area, it doesn't mention anything about what is possibly the most important seasonal marker at this time of year: the start of the football season.

Footy begins this week. I'm not going to say too much about it, because if you're into it, you'll be reading plenty about it elsewhere, and if you're not, you'll just be bored... I was like you, once, before I found my team. But I do want to put in a plug for a member of my team, who also writes a newspaper column which is smart and funny and self-deprecating and sentimental. Robert Murphy writes about football as a player and a fan, but he's just as likely to talk about coffee, or trees, or Elvis. If you're someone who loves their footy, but generally prefers it when the players don't speak too much, you really should check out Robert Murphy. He just might change your mind.

Go Dogs!

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