Why I Love Getting Emails From People Who Have Read My Books

This one came last week:
Dear Kate,
I was wondering if you would talk to Mattel and ask them to make barbie dolls from The Chanters of Tremaris Trilogy like: Calwyn, Darrow, Tonno, Xanni, Samis, Mica, Trout, Marna, Tamen, Ursca, Halassa, Heben and the twins, Keela, Gilly, and the other children from the palace of cobwebs. If you do and they agree than could you have them make different versions of the dolls from the different books. And could you also have them make different outfits for them when they changed their outfits within the book. And one more thing you should help design the dolls so they don't mess up. I'm sorry if I sound bossy. Thank you.

Bless. Seriously, how much fun would that be??


  1. I'm twenty-one. I would want those dolls!

  2. That melts my heart. And it must have melted yours. It would be brilliant! I'm sure that Evie's Littlest Pet Shop would have some illustrious visitors....then Alice might hide them on top of the bookcase...then...