Authors Love Alice

There seems to be something about the name Alice that writers can't resist. Obviously I find it appealing myself, since I used it not just for a book but for a real live daughter.

Did it all begin with Alice in Wonderland?

Then there was Go Ask Alice, and Alice Doesn't Live Here Any More...

But now there seem to be more Alices on the book shelves than ever before! Here's a sample:
Alice, I Think
Paper Alice
Alice Alone
Alice in Zombieland, Alice in Writerland, Alice in La La Land etc
The Agony of Alice
About Alice
Alice Parker's Metamorphosis
Dangerously Alice, Almost Alice and Intensely Alice
Finding Alice
Alice the Fairy
Alice Adams
Alice (numerous authors, including Sandra Wilson, Judith Hermann, Margarette Janoski, Myles Overton, EV Cunningham, Anne Worboys, Nancy Ross, Gary Smith, AK Albaari)
Alice and Aldo
A is For Alice
A Town Like Alice
The Liberation of Alice Love
Alice At Heart
Alice-Miranda At School
Hurry Up, Alice!
What Alice Forgot

... and that's without trying very hard.

A few years ago I started collecting second hand books with "Alice" and "Evie" in the titles. I soon amassed a shelf full of books for the former, but I had to give up when all I could find for Evie was Deliver Us From Evie, and I could see a recipe for resentment brewing.

Is there something about Alice, or do I just notice it more because I have one of my own? Has anyone observed any other popular literary names popping up?

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  1. Um, Kate is pretty popular! As far as Evie all i can think of is your beautiful girl and the Stevie Wright song, Evie Part 1 2 3 xx