New Photos

I know I am hardly Robinson Crusoe here, but I hate having my photo taken. I hate it to the point where there are virtually no existing photographs of me between the ages of about sixteen to thirty. Perhaps this is why I have been using the same publicity photo for the last ten years. However, following a recent incident when some librarians almost didn't let me inside for a book talk because I looked nothing like the photo they had pinned up on display, I recognised that it was time for an update.

In younger, more glamorous days!
There have been some shockers taken over the last few years:

There's an Evie's-eye-view of Cross Mum with multiple chins...
... or bleary and cross-eyed in pyjamas...
... or reading and red-nosed on the couch.
 When this is what I normally look like, can you blame me for engaging the services of a professional? Vicki Bell is our neighbour, an award-winning photographer, and the mum of Evie's friend from school. How lucky are we???

So this is the new official face of me:
There, that's better, isn't it! I look almost human!

Or maybe this one?
 What do you think?


  1. The last 2 are lovely. I totally relate to this post, as I hate the camera myself and am extremely unphotogenic. It doesn't help when people who see awful photos of me say, 'But that's how you look'! Really? That bad?

  2. I love the second photo Kate, although from the top one you may get elected as first ever President of Australia, which would be good. Great top BTW!

  3. Oh god i loathe having my pic taken too. Have you seen the episode of Friends where Monica and Chandler can't get a decent engagement pic because Chandler always freezes and pulls this contorted face in front of a camera? Its hilarious and SO true! Thats what I do.
    I like the top pic best, you look so 'trust me, I'm an author'. BTW I love the scarf too. May i also remind you that you took a great pic with Mr Peter Garret at the PMs awards announcement? You looked positively impish darling! jxx

  4. I like the smiling photo best. Much better posture too.

  5. Thank you for your votes, dear readers! Looks like number one is the winner so far...