News Just In: Richard III's Body Found?

How cool is this? Archaeologists digging up a car park in Leicester have found a skeleton which  they think may be the long-lost body of Richard III. They are doing DNA tests with a descendent of Richard's sister, Anne of York, to check. The male skeleton does not have a hunchback or a withered arm, but it does have a curved spine, which would have made the right shoulder sit higher than the other, consistent with contemporary descriptions of Richard.

My favourite aspect of this story? That my husband sent me an excited email as soon as he heard the news. (Love you, Mikey!)

History has long argued about the comparative villainy or heroism of Richard III. Did he murder his nephews, the Princes in the Tower? Josephine Tey thought not; Sonya Hartnett is not so sure. I did a project about this in high school (after reading Daughter of Time!) and concluded that Richard was innocent; now I'm not so sure, either.

But for the final word, over to the man himself:

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