Fantastic Little Miss Fox

Yesterday was Roald Dahl Day for the Grade 1/2s at our school. Evie dressed herself up as one of the baby foxes from Fantastic Mr Fox. She made her own ears and devised a tail from a little (fake) fur jerkin.

Do I dare to confess that Roald Dahl, much as I admire his work, has never been one of my favourite authors? He has that streak of cruelty which a lot of kids find very appealing, but which always repelled me a little, both as a child and an adult. However, we have a box set of Roald Dahl audiobooks which the girls have listened to a lot, so I'm glad they've had the Roald Dahl experience without me having to read to them. (Will I be expelled from the Society for Kids' Writers now?? Oh dear. I do enjoy big chunks of Matilda, and The Witches.)

However, the foxes are certainly very cute. Especially this one.


  1. You could say that RD was a crotchety old moralising windbag and we'd still love you Kate. Evie looks adorable btw! xx

  2. My seven-year-old was given a complete set of Roald Dahl books and used them as her first 'reading alone' chapter books. I have fond memories of some Dahl books but really hated others, so it has been interesting to watch Raeli go through them from a distance.

    Having said that, I recently got her Revolting Rhymes and, um. She came out after bedtime reading saying MUMMY this is HORRIBLE and by the way there are TWO RUDE WORDS in it. So probably not the best choice for bedtime reading.

    They were heck and hell, btw. I think it's kind of adorable that she thinks of those as the worst words ever.

  3. My eight year old is similarly puritanical. She gets very cross if we use bad words (like needle and vacuum cleaner, not to mention Other Words like the ones Raeli doesn't like!)