I don't want to jinx it, but Alice is reading...

These holidays, she's been locked in her room, reading the first three books of Harry Potter. Now she's about 90 pages into Goblet of Fire. A couple of times I've thought, should I drag her out of her room and into the sunshine? Then I thought, no way!

Thank you, JK Rowling.


  1. Eee! That's a quiet squeal btw. Great news, Kate. I'm off now. Pip pip, as Dumbledore would say. x

  2. Oh well done! How wonderful! Dom is hooked on Manga at the moment, preferring the pictures to words ratio, and fortunately the Preston Library has plenty. I'm thrilled he's found something he likes to 'read' but just between us I still can't wait for the day he can lose himself in a novel.

  3. Oh, I'm happy for Dom! There are so many great graphic novels around, maybe they will be his gateway drug (you know what I mean...)
    Fingers crossed, Alice is powering through Goblet of Fire, which I thought might be a bridge too far, but she's up to page 300 and still hanging in there.