Back To Tremaris?

This is turning into a funny old year, writing-wise. Because I finished working on New Guinea Moon more quickly than I'd expected, I hadn't really lined up my next project (something I usually do well in advance). So now I find myself casting about with two or three or four half-baked ideas, but no compelling urge to tackle any of them.

Maybe I just need a break! I've produced ten books in the last twelve years, which isn't bad going.

But I also find myself thinking about the place I was in, funnily enough, about twelve years ago, when I'd been chipping away for years at an adult novel that just wasn't quite working. The solution then was to put it away and write something for fun, something just for my own pleasure. That 'something' turned into The Singer of All Songs, the first book in the Chanters of Tremaris trilogy.

And I also find myself thinking about the last book in that series, the sort-of sequel The Taste of Lightning, which ended with an open door to another installment in the story.

Maybe it's time to go back to Tremaris and finish Calwyn's journey. Even if it never gets published. Even if I have to self-publish it on the internet or something. You can do that these days, right?


  1. Please do! I loved the Tremaris series and I really, really enjoyed "The Taste of Lightning" and was really hoping for more books about the characters :)

  2. PS: I raved about 'A Taste of Lightning' over here before :) http://koalathebear.livejournal.com/1401988.html

  3. Thanks, Koala! I'd never seen that review before. Nice to know at least one person would be interested :-)

  4. Hi Kate!
    Loved your books! Super excited to read more about Calwyn's adventures! And am soo happy to be a fan.
    Can't wait for more books!

  5. Yesyesyesyesyes!!!! Want more of this!!! I haven't quite read A Taste of Lighting, but that's because some people said that it was left open, and I didn't want to wait to read the next book, so yes, I really, really, really want the next book, because I've read the Chanter's series at least 3 times, and I'm in a rereading mood lately :)

  6. I have sold Chanters to those of our students who enjoyed Tamora Pierce. This year I have offered Singer to good readers for Literature Circles, but don't know yet if it's had any takers. Will let you know.

  7. I wanna go back there!