How Bright Are All Things Here -- paused

Look at this gorgeous cover -- it reminds me of the Leonard French stained glass ceiling in the National Gallery of Victoria, which as children we used to lie on our back and gaze dreamily up at. I've been looking forward to reading this adult novel by Susan "Verity Sparks" Green for a long time, and when I started it, I delighted in the lovely prose, the compassion for the characters, and the familiar Melbourne setting.

But... it's about a family, a family with troubles. There's the stepmother, dying in a nursing home. There's the daughter who has just lost her job, and her husband with depression. And while something tells me that everything is going to work out okay in the end, this is not the book for me right now. So reluctantly I have set it aside -- not forever, just for now. I'm looking forward to getting back to it, when things in my own life are slightly brighter.


  1. Yes, it does all turn out in the end! But sometimes it's just not the right book for where you are... My book group has been doom and gloom all year and I have struggled to finish a single one. I'm going to ask for some light reading for next year!

  2. Maybe now I know for sure that it will all work out happily, I will be fortified to plunge back in... But I think I should wait till I'm in the right frame of mind, because I know I'm going to really appreciate it when I do return to it.
    I seem to be turning to Dorothy Sayers for my light relief at the moment!