Is It Just Me...?

Once upon a time I used to get funny looks in cafes for requesting tomato sauce with my French toast. Now I don't even bother.

When I was growing up, French toast (or eggy bread, as it's sometimes known at our house) was a savoury food, served with bacon as a weekend lunch. It wasn't a bloody dessert, dusted with cinnamon sugar and drowned in maple syrup (and still, weirdly, served with bacon!) I understand the whole sweet/salty thing but it's gone WAY TOO FAR in favour of the sweet stuff.

My favourite brunch cafe meal -- ruined.


  1. I've never even heard of tomato sauce with French toast, but I will try it.

  2. Kate, I am with you ALL THE WAY. Salt, pepper and tomato sauce every time - none of this powdered sugar, maple syrup and strawberries business.

  3. We used to have it with celery salt. Mmm.
    And I cannot come at bacon AND maple syrup. Love these foods individually (though secretly I'd rather golden syrup on my pancakes), but together? No. No.