First Lines

Everyone else is doing it...

The Singer of All Songs
Long before sunrise, even before the first faint blush of gold had touched the snowy peaks that ringed the valley of Antaris, the bells began to peal.

The Waterless Sea
Dawn had not yet broken over the Straits of Firthana.
(Uh-oh, I see a theme emerging here already...)

The Tenth Power
The autumn night was chilly, and the skies over Antaris were black.
(Yep, I sure do love my weather.)

The Taste of Lightning
The Palace clocks were striking midnight and distant thunder growled from an early summer storm.
(Okay, this is just embarrassing now.)

Always Mackenzie
"We're doomed."
(Hooray! That's better!)

Winter of Grace
The bus was packed, but more and more people kept piling on: mothers with strollers, old people in cardigans, dads with babies strapped to their chests, women in suits, boys in caps.
(Yeah, yeah, but is it raining? It is winter, after all.)

Cicada Summer
Eloise floated on a sea of red and orange swirls.
(But we already know it's summer, which is the main thing.)

Dear Swoosie (I bags this cos I happened to write the first chapter)
On the day of the hundredth birthday fair, I arrived at the school first thing to set up my stall.

Crow Country (possibly)
The crow wheeled high in the clear winter sky.
(And here we go again...)

How excruciating! At least I've learned something from this exercise, which is that my weather obsession is way out of hand. Editors, please note!! I need help!


  1. Maybe you ought to have become a meteoroligist?

  2. Ha ha, yes, maybe I should. Actually my dad was one for a while, perhaps that's where I got it from.