Weather Tragic

Now that I've officially outed myself as a meteorological obsessive, I may as well talk about the seasons again.

According to our Aboriginal calendar, we are now well into pre-spring. Indeed, today feels positively spring-like, no "pre" about it. Yesterday was warm. I heard birds chattering before sunrise this morning. The wattles, the native hibiscus with its big soft purple flowers, the correas and the gums are in full flower, and the gum trees are abuzz with bees and festooned with rainbow lorikeets after the blossom. Life is stirring; there are new shoots and fringes of fresh green growth. The worst of winter is behind us, and the energy for new projects is in the air. Hooray!


  1. I am totally converted to this calendar and I go round converting other people too.

    The first sign of spring here: over-the-road saw an echidna in her garden earlier this week. The parrots are in the garden yes, and the wattle trees are bursting. The bulbs will be out soon. I do love this time of year, though I'm not looking forward to summer.

  2. Thought of you when reading The Age today about the good people of Euroa, whose weather forecasts have been wrong for years! But it's all fixed now.