Resurrection Bay

Things I loved about Resurrection Bay:

  • It's written by Emma Viskic, a Melbourne author, who happens to be a friend of my friend (and piano teacher) Chris
  • It's set in Melbourne, so there's lots of fun landmark- and suburb-spotting
  • The protagonist Caleb is deaf, which is a fresh twist, and Viskic makes great use of his lip-reading and other abilities as well as the disadvantages of hearing impairment
  • The story is fast and furious, with plenty of action, pursuit, betrayal and fighting; I can imagine teenage boys getting caught up in this engaging novel.
Really, my only reservation about Resurrection Bay was that it wasn't by Tana French... which was a problem of my timing rather than any fault of Viskic's. She's won several awards and the series has spun out to (I think) three volumes now, and she thoroughly deserves her success.

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