5th May

2011 (aged 44)
Evie has begun inventing jokes:
What is a chicken's favourite vegetable? Bok-bok-bok choi!
Where is it always warm? In a War Memorial!
2007 (aged 40)
Evie wanders into our room in the middle of the night.
M: What are you doing?
E: (tearfully) Cwying!
Alice sees an ad for some vile plastic toy. A: I know you won't buy it for me, but if I get someone else to give it to me for a present, then you can't do anything about it.
2005 (aged 38)
Alice, aged 3, picks up a yellow glass paperweight. 'Are these made out of the sun?'
'When I grow up, I'm going to marry you.' 'But I'm already married to Daddy.' 'Oh! I didn't know that. I thought Daddy was your friend.'
2003 (aged 36)
Robert de Niro is on Sesame St pretending to be a cabbage. These are the little treats that parenthood sometimes gives you.
2001 (aged 34)
The big news is L is pregnant too!!! VERY excited at the idea of us having babies at the same time (practically). Only now we won't get her cot and baby sling...
1998 (aged 31)
My three favourite books (most re-read): Pursuit of Love, Mists of Avalon and Emma.
Went home with MT again after the Hal & Bacharach launch. Very nice.
1994 (aged 27)
5.30am Bangkok (en route to Rome): Warm and sticky here, 30 degrees. All the girls behind the counters of the duty free shops are just sitting on the floor, reading books and chatting.
1992 (aged 25)
Bloody Alain broke the lid of my coffee pot and there's a big chunk missing - just over-use I think - it was absolutely packed with coffee. Survived 60 years till I took it to this house!
1990 (aged 23)
A million other things I should be doing apart from this, eg do the dishes, write to S or A or J, write a story, read Labour Law, read Social Security or Feminist Legal Theory, not sit here hoping the phone will ring and trying to resist the temptation to ring B again.
Turned on "All Creatures" and caught a reference to Tristan. Heart leapt - it was as if he'd rung me up, like getting in contact. He was so naughty, so much fun. I'm not a fun person really.
1989 (aged 22)
Sometimes we don't come through, sometimes we just get by. (The Go-Betweens)
1987 (aged 20)
I'm being a bitch to D... I'm so miserable I could just die.
1986 (aged 19)
 Thought FG's birthday was on Monday and embarrassed myself. Had a good calm meaty argument with P after dinner until kicked out of dining hall. Had a huge fire in the morning & burnt up all the remaining wood, C added the cardboard box & we had vr dramatic flames leaping up to the mantelpiece. Took picture down from the Quiet Room, hid it in the corridor and discussed burning it too. But we didn't.
1985 (aged 18)
Woke at 8am feeling surprisingly good. Started typing up essay. DT not at lunch. Typed. DT not at arvo tea. Typed. Had tea in front of Countdown - DT in dining hall, awful suspicion with a girl. Rang FE - stilted cryptic conversation about my non-existent love life. Stapled thumb.
1983 (aged 16)
Term 1 finishes 1.00 pm
1981 (aged 14)
Dog tired & can't wait for the holidays. Bought poetry book for 30 cents. Stuck up picture of Tristan Farnon (All Creatures Great & Small). Can swoon over him while reading the books -- unfortunately he doesn't feature largely. German test, maths test back. Did pretty badly on both.
1977 (aged 11)
MISERY DAY. Rotten scores in RA, Mrs R said we were awful. No library because of Mothers Day stall. I bought Mummy 3 paper flowers and a box of tissues. Weather: cold. See you later, Kate.
1976 (aged 9)
Went to the market and the shops. Stayed in bed half the morning. Daddy gave me a notebook.


  1. Kate you should do a Jacqui Wilson and publish your diaries.they're such a treat! PS Confession, I named my son Tristan after Tristan Farnon... I adore both of them!

  2. Oh, that's so funny, Jen - and lovely. I always wonder when I come across a Tristan if that's why... I was soooo in love with him for years and years! (as you can see) Glad I wasn't the only one.

  3. Oh WOW Kate. I started off laughing at Evie's jokes and then cooing over both the girls' sweetness. By the time I got to the last entry, I was virtually shivering: these tiny little sentences are so moving and so profound! They could be a blog of their own. Or much better: a book!