So... Let's Talk Vegetables.

You know all those horrible vegetables that you hated as a kid? Cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts? (I tried brussels sprouts as a four year old and promptly threw them up, they were so vile.) Well, faithful reader, I have made an amazing discovery. There is a secret to making all these unappealing but oh-so-good-for-you vegies taste delicious.

It's called ROASTING.

Yes, cut them into little bits, slather them in olive oil, pop them in a hot oven and voila! Who knew?? Even brussels sprouts can be yummy. Especially when you scatter them with toasted almonds, or bacon, or pine nuts.

But it doesn't work for cabbage. I'm afraid nothing can save cabbage.


  1. No no, pork products can --no, WILL -- save cabbage!! A good ham hock or bacon bone with beans (and a few more things) can make a fine winter soup.

    Apples might also save cabbage.

    I couldn't agree more regarding roasting: cauliflower is nice with some parmesan on top. :)

  2. I'm with Sandra, Kate, cabbage can be saved! And if everything else fails just smother all suspicious looking veggies in cheese sauce...
    BTW I have a childhood memory of discreetly dropping brussel sprouts into a parlour palm when the adults weren't looking... jx

  3. Cabbage also comes to life in a coleslaw, with beetroot and a sweet vinegar-mustard dressing. Here here to the pig+cabbage. What DOESN'T improve with pig?