All her life, my nine year old's swimwear has consisted of some form of rashie+pants set: comfortable, practical, sun-protective, and age-appropriate.

Well, apparently that's all over now. Once you grow above size 8, they don't seem to make those any more. Now we're faced with buying her a) a bikini (which she loathes, and which would be ridiculous anyway, because like most nine year olds, she doesn't have any boobs); b) some kind of two-piece where the top bit is a flyaway handkerchief - basically a bikini with a flap attachment, and essentially useless; or c) one-piece bathers plus a separate rashie, which basically means buying two pairs of bathers. At around $50 a pop, this is an alternative we are reluctant to embrace.

Impasse. We're hoping there's a wider range in Queensland.

Not what Alice wants to wear to the beach

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