Verity Sparks, Lost and Found

I was so pleased to see the second Verity Sparks book, Lost and Found, pop up on Brotherhood Books recently, because despite very much enjoying The Truth about Verity Sparks some years ago, I had never got around to reading it. And I very much enjoyed this sequel, too.

Verity has been reunited with her father and they have relocated (along with several friends from book one) to Australia, more specifically Melbourne. It's always fun to read books set in your historic home town! Lost and Found divides into two parts and two mysteries, one episode set at Verity's school, the next in the Macedon Ranges. 

Verity might have lost her gift for finding things (not sure how to pronounce teleagtivism) but she still has her wits, her kindness and her sense of adventure, all of which stand her in good stead when trouble arrives. As it's seven years since this book was published, I doubt that there will be any more Verity Sparks stories, which is rather sad. But it's lovely to have two!


  1. Thanks Kate,I'm glad you enjoyed Verity's second outing. There is one more, Verity Sparks and the Scarlet Hand, set in my home town of Castlemaine. Out of print now, but keep your eyes peeled and you might just find one.

  2. Oh, I didn't know there was a third volume, that's wonderful! I will certainly look out for it, I need the full set now :) Yay for Verity!