Crow Country Audiobook!!

 Great news! After many, many requests, Crow Country is finally available on audiobook! 

It's published by Voices of Today, read by Elizabeth Chambers and should start appearing on various platforms shortly (it's already on Kobo, more to follow...)

After my own daughter's struggles with literacy, I know how important audiobooks are for some students, and for general readers, too, so I'm absolutely delighted that Crow Country will be available on audio. Elizabeth has done a wonderful job with the recording, and I'm so grateful to Sarah Bacaller for making this project possible.

It's great to have something to be happy about!


  1. That’s wonderful news, Kate! I will buy a copy as soon as it’s in Apple Books.

  2. Congratulations, Kate. It's a great book and the audio version will enable more people to enjoy it.

  3. Thank you, Sue and Sue! It's been a long time coming and I'm so happy it's finally available.

  4. A pleasure to have been part of the process, Kate :) Very happy for you and for all those who will benefit from the added accessibility.